Friday, June 16, 2006

Paper: Compressed Earth Block Building Systems

Abstract: Some standard tests were conducted on local soils and the soils were used to make compressed earth blocks. The basic concept of this project was to explore the possibility of using local soils to make compressed earth blocks for the construction of residential buildings. This paper reports the results of a study done using two undergraduate students to study the properties of local soil materials and making compressed earth blocks with a block press that delivers a high compressive effort. The blocks were tested for dimensional stability, compressive strength and modulus of rupture. The compressed earth blocks made gave an average dry density of 108 pounds per cubic feet (pcf), an average modulus of rupture of 47.56 psi and an average compressive strength of 41 psi. at 16 days and 56.51 psi at 28 days. A method of wall construction using the compressed earth blocks was demonstrated. The durability of the blocks when subjected to the rain and snow was also examined.

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